Discover The Ultimate Electric Ultimate ElectricOff-Road Experience

The Tachyon Is Built To Conquer Any Terrain. All Electric.

The Perfect Choice For Adventure Seekers

With powerful electric motors, advanced suspension systems, and a rugged construction, the Tachyon is the perfect choice for your next off-road adventure.


Electrifying Performance

Discover a world beyond ordinary with the Tachyon - the all-electric ATV that is crafted for the thrill-seeker in all of us. With its exceptional acceleration, unparalleled handling, and unrivaled power, the Tachyon is the epitome of off-road excitement. Made for riders who demand the best.


Zero Emissions

The Tachyon combines cutting-edge technology, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability. So whether you're exploring rugged trails or tackling tough terrain, the Tachyon is the smart choice for the eco-conscious rider who wants it all - power, performance, and a greener future.

Push the limits of what's possible.

The 4X4 Powerhouse

Say goodbye to getting stuck in the mud or struggling to climb steep hills. The Tachyon’s 4-wheel drive system provides unbeatable traction and stability.

Unleash Power
Experience the rush of 50HP peak power and 800Nm of torque at the wheels.
Quiet Efficiency.
Enjoy a smooth and quiet ride with the Tachyon's direct-drive motors.
Always ready.
The 11kW battery is recharged in just 6 hours. Just in time for tomorrow morning's ride.

Ride with Confidence

Explore the great outdoors with the Tachyon. Enjoy great battery range, save costs on maintenance and effortlessly ride through rough terrain.

Leading efficiency
The Tachyon's regenerative braking technology significantly extends battery range.
Lower Maintenance.
Save on maintenance costs with the Tachyon's in-wheel motor technology.
Superior Control.
The hill descent control system allows for a controlled downhill ride.

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Join a Community of Happy Riders

Discover what Tachyon riders love about our all-electric ATV and why they never want to go back to traditional ATVs. Join the electric revolution.

    • Great 4x4 ATV! Bought it 2 years back and it’s super handy. We use it at the beach for multiple jobs. The service is fast and efficient.

      Ivina Azaredo
      via Google
    • Wonderful ATV - 2 Wheel and 4 Wheel Switch mode is there.

      Duke Ashvin
      via Google
    • I bought an electric ATV from Powerland. Everything went to my complete satisfaction. This company is recommended and reputable. The vehicle works very well and convinces across the board.

      Ludger Voigt
      via Google
    • We are using Powerland at our 17 acres farm and we are extremely happy with the vehicle and the service provided.

      Anand Mohite
      via Google
    • The machine is a beast. It gives me an adrenaline rush on every adventure. And it's fun..

      Gokarna Adventures
      via Google
    • Great buy and more economical than Polaris and other brands.

      John Rodrigues
      via Google

Experience the Tachyon

Discover what Tachyon riders love about our all-electric ATV and why they never want to go back to traditional ATVs. Join the electric revolution.

Feel the rush.
The electric drivetrain makes the Tachyon's acceleration lightning-fast.
Ride smoothly.
The advanced suspension system delivers a comfortable ride - no matter the terrain.
Unparalleled handling.
You are in control. Perfect stability, even when you push the limits.

An Electric ATV Like No Other

Named after the particle that travels faster than light, the Tachyon combines performance, power, and a commitment to sustainability. It is designed to deliver the ultimate off-roading experience.

800 NmPeak Torque Accelerate lightning-fast. Climb steep hills.

110 KmRange For long trips, great adventures and peace of mind.

11 KwBattery Charged within 6 hours - or when riding downhill.

50 HPPeak power More than enough power for every terrain.

Product specifications

Crafted with Precision

The Tachyon is a true powerhouse that delivers an adrenaline-fueled adventure. And it's designed and built with cutting-edge technology.

Direct-drive motor.
Delivering up to 50 hp of peak power and an impressive 800 Nm of torque.
In-wheel motor technology.
Less mechanical components, saving you on maintenance and enhancing control.
Regenerative braking technology.
Extending battery range while acting as a hill descent control system.

A Connected Adventure

The Powerland mobile app gives you the power to monitor your vehicle's diagnostics, location, and health with just a few taps.

Easy to use.
The Powerland app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
Monitor your Tachyon.
From motor temperature to range and voltage - all at your fingertips .
Advanced insights.
All you need to know about your Tachyon - in the official App.
App screenshot

Conquer any terrain with unrivaled power.

Available In Four Exciting Colorways

Make it your Tachyon. Choose the color that best suits your style and personality. From classic black to neon green, the Tachyon is available in four exciting colorways. Which one will you choose for your Tachyon adventure?

Tachyon White


Tachyon Neon


Tachyon Gray


Tachyon Black


Choose your Tachyon

Start your Tachyon adventure with the T3b or experience the fastest Tachyon with the L7e. Both models are built to conquer any terrain.

Tachyon T3b

15.990€ (including VAT)

Get started with the T3b, rated up to 60 Km/h

Tachyon L7e

16.990€ (including VAT)

Experience the fastest Tachyon, rated up to 90 Km/h

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Unleash the power of the Tachyon. Find a local dealer now and start your off-road adventure today.